Membership Application

FSPI is currently accepting applciations for new members



  • Investigation times will vary; however, most are from 9PM to 12AM
  • You will be required to write a report from your investigation.  A template will be sent after the investigation with notes on how to prepare a report.  You will be given an assigned time to complete your report and turn it over to the team leader.
  • You will be required to review all materials that you recorded on the investigation.  It is your responsibility to send clips of potential evidence to the team.
  • There is a waiver of media that you will be required to sign.  This states that all recordings, pictures, reports, etc are property of FSPI.
  • There are bi-monthly meetings that require your attendance during the week.  There is also a yearly due of $50, which is payable in one sum, or $10 at each meeting.
  • If you wanted to bring a guest, you will need to get this approved by the FSPI leader and please note there is a $20 fee for all guests.
  • There are other events such as workshops, fund raisers, client meetings, reveals, classes, and lectures that will require your participation.

More information and guidelines will be given based on the approval of your membership.