Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVPs, are recordings found on our electronic recordings which we did not hear at the time the recording was made. Some believe these are the voices of spirits attempting to communicate with us.

FSPI goes through a very stringent series of tests before we will consider an evp for evidence. This includes having each team member present during the investigation listen to the possible evp to see if they can identify it as themselves, then checking with all the team members who were present at the investigation to see is anyone else has the same recording. Lastly, the recording is submitted to a series of technical audio tests.

Generally speaking, there are 3 classes of evps:

Class Description
A The recording is clear and mostly everyone agrees as to what that recording is.
B You can hear the recording, but there are varying opinions as to what the recording is
C You can hear something, but can not make it out
R The recording is clear playing in reverse

Some of our EVPs are listed below. You can hear them better with a headset or external speakers.

EVP Evp Class
A Battlefield #1 A
A Battlefield #2- Just to note there were no cars or radios, but listen to what you hear as well as possible trumpets in the background. A/B
A Battlefield #3 - What name do you get B
Ludwig's Corner - Could this be a possible growl? A
Ludwigs Corner #2 - In about 9 seconds in, what do you hear? B
Newton Square - During the walkthrough a joke was made. Apparently not only FSPI thought it was funny A/B
Germantown #1- British were occupying the house during the Revolutionary War. B
Germantown #2 - While in a parlor, we received a special invite A/B
Burlington County Prison - The investigator asks what the crime was... A
Exton #1 - All females were in a carriage house. Where did the male come from? (The "I Know" was an investigator) B
Exton #2 - A name? B



We have all seen pictures of 'orbs' around the internet. Not everyone agrees as to what qualifies an orb or what an orb is. Nobody really knows. The common theory is that an orb is the by-product of a spirit or ghost trying to manifest. So it could be an indication of a spirit or ghost nearby. FSPI rarely uses orb photos as evidence. Before we will call an orb evidence, we rule out common false orbs, such as dust or humidity in the air. Then we have to see some other evidence that coincides with the time the picture was taken, such as a 10 degree temperature spike or drop, anomalous EMF readings, sensitives picking up on spirit energy, evps. If we don't have other evidence to corroborate the orb, we will not use it as evidence.

Here are some samples of photographic evidence, orbs and otherwise:

Photo Gallary
Orb at Graeme Park One of our investigators was sensing a presence in the room where the investigator in the photo is sitting. When we took pictures, we found an orb, just above the empty chair.
Holding an Orb While in the basement our team experienced a doll house lighting up on it's on. Please note that the doll house was not wired for electricity and there were no battery operated lights in the house. Just after, the piano sounded a few keys on it's own. In this picture, which was taken around the same time, our investigator felt a presence in the room and asked it to reach out to touch his hand.
Mist This photo was taken at a well known battlefield. It was around dusk. There was no one else nearby, no one smoking, and the investigator held his breath when he took this photo.